It’s a New Year and with that comes a focus on fitness for most of us.  Although I feel I should say that fitness should be a year-round focus, these tools can help get and stay at a trim, healthy weight, whether your focus is short- or long-term.

These can be found on the outstanding site This site pretty well covers it all

  • workouts – exercise routines for everyone from the beginner to the gym monkeys
  • nutrition – what to eat and how much
  • motivation – we all need this from time to time to stick to our resolutions
  • community – you’re not alone (helps with motivation and gets your questions answered)

Be sure to scroll down on the home page and check out the free software tools:

  • DailyBurn Tracker – helps you maintain and achieve your weight and fitness goals
  • Meal Snap – novel tool lets you take pics of your meals which it scans to tell you what’s in it
  • Food Scanner – lets you scan barcodes on food packaging to determine and track calorie counts

And all their tools will run on most any platform – PCs, tablets, smartphones.  So now you should find it easier than ever to set and stick to your fitness and nutrition goals!

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