Subtle Energy is the name I gave a business I started back in 2005 as a holistic wellness practice.  For years, I centered that practice around the use of advanced biofeedback therapy.  At the time, I set up a website and wrote the following to explain what I offer:

I use innovative tools to heal people and animals with challenging health issues.  From advanced biofeedback therapy to nutrition to EFT, I have powerful tools that transform people’s lives for the better.  Often I am their last resort – when nothing else works, or when they’ve been told to “just live with it”.  Typically their health improves and they feel much better.  My passion is healing and helping others.  What I do is not just a job; it’s a calling.  My hope is this blog will help me reach and help more people than I ever could in person.

I shifted my focus several years ago to instead market the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) services of others as a means of helping even more people.  As Stephen Covey said in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, we are all hear to Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy.  I subscribe to that, and believe we are all here to serve the world.  As I said above of my blog, it seemed I needed to change focus so as to better leverage my efforts and serve even more.  My priorities changed to helping other healers reach out to heal more people than I could ever reach on my own.  As a bonus, many of them do a better job of healing than I ever could, too.

While I still help others with their marketing, I continue to learn – and build my legacy, I suppose – by sharing that knowledge and my experience.  I feel more than ever that it is a calling.  Evidence-based CAM (let’s call it EBCAM) has done and can offer so much to so many in need.  In capitalist world heavily driven by profit motives, EBCAM needs all the messengers it can get to spread the word about the many powerful healing tools we have available to us, even if many of them do not stand to make someone rich.  Seeing all of the ignorance, greed and even deceit surrounding the healing arts fuels my passion more than ever!

One more thing.  I have so frequently experienced resistance to EBCAM from otherwise intelligent open-minded people that I decided to write about it here.  Please read it and share it with those you care about – even take it to heart yourself – before a serious health challenge arises and fear clouds judgment.

Be well and prosper.  – G

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