Recently I’ve seen some advice suggesting that there may be a different approach to curing candida / yeast infections / thrush if it’s merely vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina, vulva or labia) versus if it’s systemic. How do you know the difference?  Either way, antibiotics will almost certainly make the problem worse because they tend to greatly reduce the populations of beneficial flora in the body, thus giving the bad flora even more of an advantage, since good flora are a major part of the body’s natural control mechanism.

So I’d think twice before you take that Nystatin or other antibiotic for candida, especially when there’s a great way to both boost the good flora and take care of the bad flora.  And the solution I’ve found works whether you’re proactive, careful about your hygiene, diet, etc.  or if you’re pretty negligent (you know, the kinda person that’s tempted by that quick-fix your doc’s suggesting).  Please resist the quick-fix for candida as it may give some symptomatic relief in the short term but the problem’s going to come back and it’s going to be harder to fix as a result of the damage done to your good flora in the process.

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