by Donna on Subtle Energy

George is such a bright star in this world. His talent with the biofeedback is nothing compared to the support and attention he gives you when he knows what help that you need. What a great resource to have! I found George just by searching the internet and he has helped so many members of my family. Now, he feels like family to us!

Thank you so much, Donna! It's a joy to work with you and your family.

by Stacey Z on Subtle Energy

Well, George, I strongly feel (in fact I know from the symptoms as far back age 6) perhaps I was born with Candida. Thanks to you and your Gorgeous Soul, I am so much better. Without your help and advice I would still be living a life of agony and I mean that in every since of the word. Even though it is not completely cleared, I do feel so much better and I owe it all to you. Because my case is so severe, I will be starting another course of treatment the end of February.

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