What is energy medicine?

This is the use of a variety of tools associated with ancient or Eastern medicine (usually originating from India or Asia).  Maybe a better way to define it is by what it is not:  Western medicine is defined by two things:

  • a focus on symptoms
  • reliance on the use of drugs and surgery

Eastern medicine and energy medicine, in particular, is

  • a focus on root causes
  • reliance on the use of non-invasive methods including energy techniques, food and tools like acupuncture needles

What is bioresonance therapy?

An advanced form of biofeedback.  (It's so much more advanced than simple biofeedback that it hardly does it justice to even be associated with that term.)  It makes use of subtle electrical signals to detect and relieve stress located anywhere in the body.

Where can I obtain bioresonance therapy?

Contact me with your location and I'll work to find you a practitioner near you.  Use the 'Contact' form (top of this page in the menu bar). Not all practitioners list their business using the term 'bioresonance therapy' so it isn't always as simple as using Google to find them.

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