Kristen Howe reveals how we sabotage our own potential for success. She explains in clear terms how we either spend our time in the past or the future but seldom in the NOW. As Kristen explores the reasons for this, she not only makes it all so clear, but she also gives you tools to break the cycle that has kept our vibration low which prevents the Law of Attraction from working for us.

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Here are some highlights transcribed from the audio:

NOW: Notice – Options – Willingness

Notice: Where am I really right now? Just the facts.

Options: Am I reacting or am I choosing?

Willingness: Am I willing to think, believe and act differently to manifest what I desire?

What are all the things I could appreciate in this moment?

Emotions always win. We define ourselves by our emotions, but we can change them.

Whatever you see in the world is reflecting back to you what you feel is within you.

Whatever you judge in someone else, you actually feel or fear is within you.

Whatever you feel you must defend, within you somewhere you fear it or feel it is wrong.

Any shift you desire starts with awareness, The Shift Switch. Within awareness lies the seed for shift to take place. Only judgment will get in the way. When things come up from the outside world, you are going to assign that to the outside world. The better view is to accept that as a clue of what is going on within you, something you fear. Resolve to deal with it.

Judgment of you or others is just a way of keeping you stuck.

We spend most of our time searching for proof that what we don’t want is what is actually happening.

You don’t have to change how you feel about something, you just have to change how you feel.

Get Addicted to Positive Proof!: We start to become infinitely powerful when we first get into the now and we begin looking for proof of what we DO want.

When you see what you want ANYWHERE, it’s the Universal Mirror showing you that it exists. Don’t judge it. Give thanks that it is exists – period. For instance, if someone else has something you want – a house, a kind husband, good looks – just appreciate it for what it is and proof that it exists rather than allowing yourself to have feelings like resentment or envy. Those feelings not only lower your energy but also just push the object of desire further out of your reach.

Awareness is the catalyst of change. The moment you are aware of what you are doing or thinking that is wrong or doesn’t serve you – even if you don’t know how to change it or what to replace it with – change can begin to occur.

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